Initially we weren’t going to write a review on the following model.  Not many praise the looks or respect the performance of the latest MKIII TT-RS from Audi.  A recent episode of The Grand Tour many have changed the minds of some.

The car performed well, and definitely impressed the brass.  Other than the squeaking brakes which plagued the second generation and now the third, the car impressed.  If you never experienced the modern 2.5L turbo from Audi, we’d say get your ass to the dealer ASAP, and don’t forget to bring your pocket book!

The model we have here is from GT Spirit.  The TT-RS is completed in 1:18 scale, in resin with no opening parts.  The company recently has be in trouble as of late.  Poor quality control has been a complaint from collectors, and the new increased pricing for 2018 is definitely going to affect their market share.

From an exterior perspective the OEM Daytona Grey paint is once again very good, a constant theme from GT Spirit.  Front to rear the paint work is clean and blemish free on our example.

As with most resin pieces shut-lines and panel gaps as excellent.  As you know the model is sealed with zero access to motor or other internal bits. Where the model fails exterior wise is the incorrectly placed front windshield.  Note the wrapped upper section passenger side.

Trying to get this corrected from GT Spirit was an ordeal in itself, we won’t bore you with the details.  How this model passed inspection, and the included inspection card says so, is a mystery to us!

The MKIII TT-RS takes its front fascia styling cues from its big brother the Audi R8.  The forward front hood with Audi emblem is now present on the third generation car.  Large centre grille and massive intakes on either side provide the aggressive styling and charm of the TT-RS.

GT Spirit execution here is on point for the most part.  Side intakes do use perforated mesh, so does the centre grille.  Where they differ is the centre is backed by a solid plastic piece immediately after the grille and the two intakes feature a more recessed look.  The ladder is the better of the two.

The rear follows suit.  Overall execution is good and workmanship is clean.  Where the model fails is the taillight.  The lower section features a slight curve, this is incorrect.  It should feature a more robust straight line.  The rear is complete with the signature RS upper spoiler.

Moving to the wheels you can see GT Spirit opted for the standard rollers, even in 19″ form the wheels seem off.  20″ is most optimal and would have completed exterior package.  This is must when you are prepping a sealed model, your wins need to come from the exterior elements.

Also the poor execution continues to the calipers and rotors.  We praised the team on any occasions for their well executed wheels.  Here we find a cheap rotor and caliper.  They lack realism and depth.  Let me explain it this way, basically they have taken the rotor and by placing piece of flat paper on top produced the calipers.  This sucks, and looks cheap!

Audi is known for some of the best interiors in the business, and the latest TT-RS doesn’t disappoint.  The interior here is completed in Black and Light Brown/Tan.  All elements of the interior are present.  The team even included fabric seat-belts front and rear.

Where the interior lacks in no carpeting, the sport seats do feature the diamond pattern but lack depth and look unfinished, and finally the decal they used on the five vent exhausts look funny and definitely don’t represent the original design well.

Unless you’re an absolute fan of the Audi brand and the RS cars, this one is marginal at best.  What is does well is overall body lines and paint.  Where it lacks is quality control, poor wheel package, and lack lustre interior.

We not sure where the team is heading, but in our opinion they need to get back to the basics.  Seems GT Spirit is enjoying growth, venturing into different marques and exploring the world market with special editions, but at what price?  With the brand calling for higher prices in 2018 and evidence here the models aren’t up to par as past examples have shown, collector confident is surely going to be first aid.  Enjoy the pics!


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4 Responses to "REVIEW: GT Spirit MKIII Audi TT-RS"

  1. spikyone says:

    Not at all impressed with this. Another GT Spirit fail with a shape that looks wrong from almost every angle. It’s clumsy and dumpy.

  2. robert drexler says:

    Don’t under stand the whining. With the last 6 models I’ve ordered I’ve noticed an improvement in build quality. Don’t no if it warrants a price increase though. Watch for instance an Audi rs tt review video. I admit they didn’t copy the highest price audi tt rs interior. But its accurate, it would be very hard to copy some of the gauges. The numbers would be to small. The real TT’s look has improved it use to look like half an egg. I like, but don’t love the real audi tt rs.

  3. Stephane Demers says:

    I really don’t like the windows they use; on my GTR there is a small bump in one of my side window. Not as much as this windshield, but for this price I would expect more.

  4. M!chel says:

    Compared to my other 2 Audi TT’s (minichamps and TT Cup car), this one looks kinda weird. The nose seems sharper and smaller.

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