REVIEW: Solido Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG Widebody •

REVIEW: Solido Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG Widebody

We’ve been fans of budget-friendly brand Solido for some time now.  Their 1:18 assortment in the last few years has been growing exponentially and definitely taking market share from the likes of Bburago and Maisto.  This year the team has changed their focus somewhat, not that the 1:18 series is affected at all, the target is now 1:43 scale and what impact could they have here?  A popular choice amongst collectors for a few reasons, the vast selection of models is definitely more substantial than the typical 1:18 assortment and size.  Depending on where one resides in the world space always comes are a premium – more so to our friends out east.

The latest batch of 1:43 scale products from Solido has certainly been inspiring, and the team sent us some examples for consideration.  This review here will focus on the recently released Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG Widebody.  The exterior is Red, which can be considered a fantasy colour.  The car is traditionally found in Silver and Black but the results in Red do look fantastic on the lines of the 560 SEC!  The price is attractive too, about $29 US.

Let’s start with the packaging.  For the most part, the assembly of components is very similar to what we have seen with many 1:43 brands – plastic base, clear cover is part of the package.  What is unique for Solido is the exterior packaging, which includes a scene image in the background, the remaining exterior side is typical informational and licensing data of the model itself.

Moving to the model itself, the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG Widebody is executed in metal that is fully sealed, this includes windows.  The paintwork is very good, this includes the Black highlighting for the doors and trim.

There are zero perforated bits on the front side, and the grille opening that assemble the large front nose is either painted or decals – the work is clean and the definition is easily seen.  Headlights and secondary lights are executed with clear plastic.  An admirable touch from Solido is capturing the headlight wipers, so small but easily add to the exterior realism.

The rear is a carbon copy of the front with one exception, the trunk upper spoiler is added as a separate piece.  And a solid effort on the MB/AMG decals does round out the rear side.  There even is a fully chromed muffler with chrome tips, though likely not entirely accurate to the original car.

Tires and wheels are what sets the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG aside from the entry-level car…  The implementation here is solid, wheels are tires completely fill the arches of the wide fenders.  Chrome outer lips and painted Red centres add the required pop!

Inside the interior is fully fabricated in one solid piece of plastic, most of which is Black in colour.  Some areas are further defined with decals, painted to mimic the wood trim in-dash, centre console and doors.  Gauge cluster elements are simple decals too.  No flocking or seatbelts are found and weren’t excepted at this price point either.

In short, we are impressed with the overall look and feel of the 1:43 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG Widebody by Solido.  Priced at around $29 US the model offers a surprising amount of detail and truly accurately captures the essence of the original car.

Though I am not an avid 1:43 participant, I do have a few for initial comparisons.  Side by side with Minichamps the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG Widebody holds its own.  Next to a Schuco example, the exterior side did show its limits, and the Schuco excelled more so on interior and undercarriage definition.  That being said, for a budget-brand Solido does do well with their Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG Widebody, and one the team would recommend.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Karsten says:

    Not many reactions to this review. If you were more interested in the car if it came in 1/18 , a sealed resin version of this very car will be on sale any day now:

    • DS Team says:

      It seems as with everything in life it is much easier to raise a negative hand, in this case, someone leaves a comment… Let’s not mention the multiple emails on more 1:43 reviews we have fielded since introduction :)

  2. Corné says:


    In m’n vorige mail schreef ik dat ik niet wist van een Minichamps sec AMG. Dat bedoelde je ook niet, denk ik nu.

    Goed dat je de Solido sec in beeld brengt. Ik was eigenlijk niet van plan om de Solido uitvoering te kopen maar het heeft mooie details. Ook een interessante prijs.

    Inmiddels bestaat m’n collectie uit 33 coupe’s (en 19 sedan’s) , waarvan een aantal laten maken door Monza Models (Caruna, ‘Gulwing’ en coupe-limo). Modellen van GLM vind ik persoonlijk niet geweldig. De -AMG- W126 modellen van Tin Wizards (door JM Modellbau) daarintegen zijn erg gedetailleerd
    (met bijpassende prijs🤨) maar de Minichamps sec’s verblijven idd op een eenzame hoogte.

    Vriendelijke groet,

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