TopSpeed Unveils the Nissan Z Proto •

TopSpeed Unveils the Nissan Z Proto

This car proves Nissan hasn’t abandoned sports yet…  And the first to market a 1:18 sample is TopSeed!  The prototype sample still awaiting official approval should arrive later this year.  Love the passion.  But hey, TopSpeed, please stop using the slogan “premium resin model”.  There are far better results from others and some competitors are priced far less!

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2 Responses to "TopSpeed Unveils the Nissan Z Proto"

  1. George K says:

    Snore. . .

  2. JIMMY says:

    That was fast! It’s good to see, even though it’s resin.

    As far as the real life model is concerned, I hope it’s released within the next year. We’ve seen other manufacturers “show” a concept of their sports/pony cars, and then release them like 5+ years later (not a good business model). Hopefully Nissan doesn’t go that route. And then maybe we can have a 1:18 version with opening doors!

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